Welcome to our new look manual

Welcome to our new look manual

Welcome to our new look Child Protection Manual. You’ll find easier navigation; a practice dictionary to replace the glossary, and new features to enhance your experience using the site.

Be assured - all information from the previous manual has been maintained.

New look

The manual has a cleaner look, consistent with Victorian government websites. New icons will help to identify information as a procedure or advice and take you to its location on the manual.

There is also a Latest Updates section on the home page. This section highlights important or significant changes to procedures or advice.

New navigation

Navigation is now only located down the left-hand side of your screen. You can search for information by either entering a key term or title in the search bar, or by clicking the chapters and sections that will open up across the screen.

The location of information within the manual has not changed.

New Practice dictionary

The practice dictionary has replaced the glossary with additional explanations related to child protection practice of key terms, processes and programs. Terms are updated to reflect current research and practice. For example, there are new family violence terms. Related links have been included under each item.

New Forms and secure documents page

Links to child protection forms and secure documents are now located on the one page in the manual. The forms and documents are held on the DHHS Child Protection Manual Forms SharePoint website which is accessible by departmental staff only.

The Forms and secure documents page includes list of forms and documents that have been grouped into sections.  Each section has a link that takes you directly to the same section on the SharePoint site.