Follow this procedure when seeking an adjournment of Children's Court proceedings.
Document ID number 1218, version 3, 23 October 2023.

There may be times when a hearing needs to be adjourned. 


Case practitioner tasks

  • Obtain advice as early as possible from a CPLO solicitor or divisional solicitor about seeking an adjournment. 
  • After determining there is an appropriate reason for adjournment, the solicitor will seek verbal consent or draft a letter seeking written consent from the lawyers for the child, the child’s parents and any other represented party to the proceeding.
  • As soon as possible, advise the family that an adjournment will be sought. 
  • Seek written consent for the adjournment from self-represented parties. The consent letter should include the following information:
    • name (and relationship to the child, for example maternal grandmother)
    • I understand that I am able to come to court and oppose the making of this order
    • I do not wish to attend court on [insert date]
    • I have had legal advice / I do not wish to get legal advice [delete one]
    • I consent to the adjournment.
  • Provide original consent letters for self-represented parties to the CPLO solicitor or divisional solicitor.
    • The solicitor will confirm in writing with the Court, via the CMS Portal and to other legal representatives that the adjournment is consented to.
  • Complete CRIS requirements including court screen and record of activity, decisions and rationales.

Supervisor tasks

  • Provide ongoing supervision and consultation.

Team manager tasks

  • Endorse the decision for an adjournment to be sought.