Child Protection Manual

The Child Protection Manual is the primary point of reference for child protection practitioners and managers employed by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services regarding statutory child protection policy, procedures and supporting advice. It also contains protocols, practice resources and tools, and links to materials external to the manual that are relevant to child protection practice.

Content is subject to change at any time, so any material printed for immediate use should not be relied on for future reference without checking the on-line version to establish that it is still current.

A new Court report writing guide has been published to assist child protection practitioners in writing a court report using the new court report templates.


Welcome to our new look Child Protection Manual. You’ll find easier navigation; a practice dictionary to replace the glossary, and new features to enhance your experience using the site.

Be assured - all information from the previous manual has been maintained.


To assure the safety and health of child protection staff and their clients, changes have been implemented to how child protection practitioners do their work. Practitioners can find detailed information on these changes on the DHHS COVID-19 Hub site.


A new information sharing protocol has been has been developed between the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the Children’s Court of Victoria (the Courts). The protocol was established to respond to recommendation 28 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.