Learning and development for child protection staff

This advice provides an overview of learning and development opportunities for child protection staff and links to detailed information on the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing intranet site.
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Child Protection is a learning organisation where leaders role model learning and wellbeing, managers enable a learning environment, practitioners actively engage in learning, and the system provides time, support and reinforcement. Our focus is on a contemporary curriculum that includes leading-practice delivery methods and content.

The Child Protection Curriculum has been designed specifically for the child protection workforce and aligns with the Child Protection Capability Framework Success Profiles. It applies a multi-dimensional lens, is evidence-based and informed by legislation and policy requirements. It demonstrates a commitment to:

  • enhancing capability through learning​
  • challenging and extending practitioners
  • career long learning​
  • a mixed learning approach​
  • prioritising and supporting learning​.
Interactive Curriculum Map


For further information, visit the Curriculum Handbook Child Protection Curriculum on the CP Learning Hub.

Good practice bulletin

This quarterly bulletin, produced by the Office of Professional Practice, has been designed to contribute to the continued development of a learning culture within child protection. Discussion prompts linked to case studies support reflective practice and a deeper examination of the application of the Best interests case practice model.

Practitioners can access the bulletin at http://providers.dhhs.vic.gov.au/good-practice-bulletin

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