Legal representation for children and families checklist

Use this checklist to ensure children and families have legal representation at court.

For matters proceeding by notice, direct parents to VLA which can either represent them or refer them to private practitioners for advice and representation.

Direct Aboriginal parents to the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS).

In matters proceeding by emergency care, direct parents to the VLA coordinator or court registry to obtain legal representation on arrival at court, unless there are worker safety issues. In these circumstances, arrangements should be made through the departmental legal representative.

Alert the VLA coordinator of any new matters at court and the need for parents and/or children to speak to a legal representative.

Where a new application or breach of a protection order by emergency care is made, complete the Statement of Grounds and/or the Summary of Information and provide this to CPLO, who will then provide it to VLA.

If the young person is in secure welfare, notify the CPLO, court and VLA coordinator at court if the young person is to be brought into the secure welfare room upon arrival, so that the matter is prioritised.