Community Education

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Protecting the safety and wellbeing of children is everyone’s responsibility and knowing the right service to contact is a critical role for professionals in supporting and protecting children and families.

This presentation is intended to assist the delivery of community education regarding Child Protection to organisations and professionals in the community. 

The aim of the Community Education Pack is to provide information about the role of Child Protection and The Orange Door in relation to a child’s safety and wellbeing.

A facilitators guide has been prepared to support the delivery of community education by Child Protection operations or others.

The learning outcomes include:

  • How to best support vulnerable children and families access service and support.
  • Knowing the appropriate service to contact about a child or young person for whom you hold wellbeing or safety concerns.
  • Understanding when it is appropriate to make a referral when you identify child wellbeing concerns and the family requires support.
  • Understanding when to make a report to Child Protection. 
  • Understanding mandatory reporting, your obligations and duty of care.
  • Identifying indicators when a child or young person has suffered harm or is at significant risk of being harmed.

Facilitators can tailor the presentation to suit the audience by selecting relevant slides and accompanying notes from the facilitators guide.

Community Education Pack - responding to the safety and wellbeing of children

Community Education Pack - Facilitator's Guide