Early childhood agreement

This agreement sets out roles and responsibilities for early childhood services regarding children in out-of-home care. 

The Early Childhood Agreement for Children in OOHC (2018) is a shared commitment between organisations, including the Department of Health and Human Services to support children ages 0-5 in OOHC access early childhood services.

The Agreement applies to:

  • children in OOHC who are subject to statutory orders or voluntary children care agreements, and
  • children placed on a Permanent Care Order (but who are no longer involved with DHHS), with consent from their carers.

Early Childhood Agreement 2018 (pdf, 2.03 MB)

List of local government areas and contacts for child protection

List of all local government areas and names of contact people for child protection practitioners to advise when a child under five enters out-of-home care. These contact people will provide assistance and support where needed to make sure children in out-of-home care receive local services.

The list is located in Forms on the intranet and is only accessible to department employees.