Assessment of suitability for a youth control order

Follow this procedure when you are the allocated practitioner, or were the allocated practitioner and the case has been closed for less than one month, when a child is being assessed for suitability for a youth control order.
Note: if the case is closed, the practitioner tasks do not extend past the provision of information.
Document ID number 1612, version 1, 4 June 2018.


Case practitioner tasks

See Youth control order – advice for additional information.

  • Advise your senior practitioner – supervisory, the child is being assessed for suitability and has consented to a youth control order.
  • Provide the youth justice worker with a copy of the child’s endorsed case plan or if the case was closed in the past month, the most recent case plan and closure summary.
  • For open cases, nominate yourself as the child protection contact point for youth justice regarding the particular child. For closed cases greater than one month direct youth justice to the central contact point.
  • Record a case note in CRIS regarding the suitability assessment and the information provided by child protection.

Senior practitioner – supervisory, tasks

  • Provide ongoing supervision and support to the child protection practitioner.
  • Advise team manager about the suitability assessment for a youth control order.

Team manager / practice leader tasks

  • Provide support to staff regarding youth control order processes.


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