Follow this procedure when case management functions are contracted to a CSO.

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For further information see Case contracting-advice.

Case planning and delegated statutory functions cannot be contracted. Case contracting can only occur during protection order phase.

The decision to contract a case is a case planning decision made in the best interests of the child.

When a case is contracted, the CSO case manager is granted limited CRIS access only to the case file of the contracted client.

The CSO must provide quarterly progress reports as per the case contract agreement. 


Case practitioner tasks

  • Consult ACSASS for an Aboriginal child prior to contracting case management.
  • Provide:
    • the CSO program contact with appropriate written information and assessments
    • the written case plan (s. 167 CYFA) to the parent, child (if over the age of 10 years) and the contracted agency
    • the CSO program contact with information on relevant legislation, delegations and responsibilities to children on protection orders.
  • Support the CSO to understand their role and responsibilities and intervene if required.
  • Regularly discuss the progress of the child and urgent case issues as they arise.
  • Meet with the child at least once per year and at other times as appropriate.
  • Follow up no less than 10 business days before the scheduled due date for progress reports and follow up CSO line management if the report is not received within the scheduled timeframe.
  • Develop clear lines of communication between the CSO, the child and family, and child protection.
  • Support the child and family to understand the contact arrangements and review mechanisms.
  • Complete CRIS requirements and record of activity, decisions and rationales.

Team manager tasks

  • Endorse the decision to contract case management and sign the case contract.
  • Allocate the case in CRIS to the CSO case management service.
  • Provide ongoing support and direction on case decisions and critical issues.

The case planner tasks

  • Review the case plan as per s. 169, CYFA.
  • Endorse significant decisions and changes to the permanency objective, reflected in the case plan.

CSO case manager tasks

  • Work directly with the child and undertake case management tasks and functions as specified in the case plan.
  • Act according to relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
  • Follow relevant policy and procedures.
  • Engage with other specialist agencies and services when required and consistent with the case plan and authorised by child protection.
  • Provide court reports and participate in court processes and proceedings when required.
  • Maintain regular contact with child protection and provide progress reports when requested.
  • Participate in case plan processes and care teams where appropriate.
  • Update CRIS including records of activity, consultations with DHHS, decisions and rationales.

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