Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

This service description provides information regarding the structure and responsibilities of VCAT.
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The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has the capacity to hear and determine a range of disputes, such as discrimination disputes, guardianship and administration applications, and claims involving the purchase and supply of goods. It deals with disputes between people and between people and government and other bodies.

VCAT, and tribunals generally, operate differently to courts in that the hearing processes are usually less formal, less rigid rules apply in relation to evidence, and people with specialist expertise in a particular area, for example, town planners, often preside as members of the tribunal in particular lists.  For further information, go to the VCAT website.

VCAT has three divisions:

  • Civil Division.
  • Human Rights Division.
  • Administrative Division.

Each division has a number of lists that specialise in particular types of cases.

Civil Division

The Civil Division hears disputes between individuals and is divided into various lists according to the type of dispute. The lists are:

  • Civil Claims List - formerly Small Claims Tribunal
  • Credit List - formerly the Credit Tribunal
  • Domestic Building List - formerly the Domestic Building and Contracts Tribunal
  • Real Property List
  • Residential Tenancy List - formerly Residential Tenancy Tribunal
  • Retail Tenancies List
  • Owners Corporations List
  • Legal Practice List.

Human Rights Division

The Human Rights Division has two lists:

  • Anti-Discrimination List, formerly the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
  • Guardianship List.

Administrative Division

The Administrative Division has five lists:

  • General List (child protection matters will be heard in this list)
  • Taxation List
  • Land Valuation List
  • Occupational and Business Regulation List
  • Planning and Environment List.


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