Follow this procedure when managing a protection order.

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This procedure relates to case management tasks and responsibilities in relation to a child subject to a protection order.

A protection order as defined in s. 275 of the CYFA is:

  • an order requiring a person to give an undertaking
  • a family preservation order
  • a family reunification order order
  • a care by Secretary order
  • a long-term care order.


Case practitioner tasks

  • Undertake ongoing assessment of the risks, needs and development of the child.
  • Develop and ensure implementation of a case plan in accordance with legal requirements, the provisions of the protection order and the child’s needs.
  • Ensure a cultural plan is provided to Aboriginal children in out-of-home care.
  • Plan and manage contact arrangements for the child and family in accordance with the protection order and case plan.
  • Have contact with the child, parents and other family in accordance with the case plan and client contact statement.
  • Facilitate referrals and engagement with service providers in accordance with the case plan.
  • Maintain regular contact with professionals and community support organisations involved with the family and seek feedback about the family’s progress.
  • Undertake placement related actions if a placement change is required.
  • Participate as a care team member if child is in out-of-home care.
  • Maintain client records.
  • Arrange specialist child and family assessments, including medical assessments, in accordance with the protection order and case plan.
  • Consult your supervisor on further court applications when required and complete court process.
  • Register and follow-up any new familial and non-familial allegations.
  • Consult your supervisor at key decision points.

Supervisor tasks

  • Provide ongoing support and consultation to the case practitioner and endorse key decisions.

Case planner tasks

  • Endorse the case plan and all court applications.
  • Review the case plan at appropriate intervals.

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