Youth control orders planning meetings

Follow this procedure when you are the allocated practitioner when a child is subject to a youth control order planning meeting.
Document ID number 1614, version 1, 4 June 2018.


Case practitioner tasks

For additional information see Youth control orders - advice.

  • Advise your senior practitioner – supervisory, the child may be made subject to a youth control order and the date of the planning meeting.
  • If required, make arrangements with youth justice to assist the child to attend the planning meeting. Support the child to understand what is being discussed at the meeting and any proposed recommendations including assessments that will be put before the Court.  
  • If requested by youth justice or directed by Court, attend the planning meeting.
    • Take a copy of the child’s current case plan and any other plans e.g. cultural plan or crisis management plan.
    • Contribute to the discussion as you would in a care team meeting.
    • Do not accept to undertake tasks that sit outside your case management role and function.
  • Provide youth justice with information relevant to the monthly judicial report in a timely matter.
  • If directed by the Court, attend the monthly judicial monitoring meeting. If previously agreed, transport the child to and from the Court.
  • Advise the youth justice worker if the child breaches a condition of the youth control order. Record the breach in CRIS.
  • Advise your team manager of the outcome of the planning meeting.
  • Record all decisions and Court outcomes on CRIS.

Senior practitioner - supervisory, tasks

  • Provide ongoing supervision and support to the child protection practitioner.
  • Identify and brief an alternate practitioner who can provide case support, including attending meetings at court if required, if case manager is unable to attend.

Team manager / practice leader tasks

  • Provide support to staff regarding youth control order processes.