Follow this procedure when conducting an L17 Family Violence Historical Search through the L17 Family Violence Portal.

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The Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence (Royal Commission) recommended the Department of Health and Human Services (now the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing) revise and strengthen risk management practice guidelines and procedures when a report to child protection indicated the presence of family violence. The Royal Commission recommended that child protection practitioners obtain from Victoria Police and specialist family violence services all Victoria Police L17 family violence reports.

The historical L17 Family Violence Portal searches (historical searches) by child protection provides practitioners with information regarding a perpetrators’ pattern and history of violence and information on a victim survivor’s experiences of family violence.

Access to the historical search function requires authorisation.

The search function is governed by relevant state and federal privacy legislation and can only be performed if you have access to the L17 Family Violence portal (the Portal).

For further information see L17 Family Violence Portal Historical Search – advice.


Case practitioner tasks

  • Arrange authorisation to the L17 Family Violence Portal by emailing

In the email include the following details:

         > DFFH Child Protection division (Statewide Services, North, East, South or West)

         > HSNETID / eBusiness Username

         > Email

         > Designated role in the portal e.g: ‘worker’ or ‘team manager’

Storing the historical search outcome

  • When the essential information category of family violence is selected, an L17 family violence portal historical search must be completed.
  • Store the information and evidence obtained from the L17 family violence portal historical search in the ‘S’ tab in case practice on CRIS, in the supporting information field of the family violence essential information category on CRIS.
  • Use this information and evidence to inform your risk assessment and MARAM assessment.
  • Where there is no match in the historical search, record this in a case note, and in the supporting information field of the family violence essential information category on CRIS.
  • Refer to the L17 Family Violence Historical Portal Search - advice for what information must be contained in the case note.

Determining and recording the risk assessment

  • Determine the risk assessment and record it in the case practice area of CRIS, in the 'A' tab. The risk assessment should be based on the information obtained from the portal, as well as any other information gathered.
  • Consult with either the team manager, senior practitioner, practice leader or divisional principal practitioner where necessary.

Where Victoria Police request the results of any risk assessment completed by Child Protection

  • Provide any completed risk assessment and MARAM assessment to Victoria Police if requested, as soon as it is practicable, if requested.

Victoria Police may request any completed risk assessment, from Child Protection, where there is an indication of family violence. This is to support Victoria Police’s application for a family violence intervention order in the Magistrates’ Court.

  • Request Victoria Police advise of the outcome of their application.

Supervisor tasks

  • Read and review the risk assessment.
  • Provide guidance and support as required.

Team manager / practice leader tasks / divisional principal practitioner

  • Review and endorse the risk assessment.
  • Provide guidance and support as required.

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