Using the manual

Find the information you need by:


Enter a key term in the search bar and click the magnify glass icon. Select the page you require from search results. The results will be grouped according to where the pages are located in the manual, for example in Policy and Procedures or Advice and Protocols.

Section headings

When you hover your mouse over a section heading, a menu appears that contains sub-sections. Click on a sub-heading to go to a page that lists all the content in that sub-section. Select the page you require from that list.

Left navigation

At the left of your screen, or at the top of your screen on the mobile version, a collapsible menu of all content in the manual is displayed. Where a title has a down arrow next to it, click on the title to expand the content under that heading. All content in the manual can be displayed by expanding the menu under each down arrow. Select the page your require when it is displayed.

Practice dictionary

The practice dictionary provides definitions of commonly used words, processes, programs and acronyms.

An example of linked practice dictionary terms are like such: ACCO or CRIS

Colours and icons

The manual uses coloured tabs and icons to indicate sections. For instance, policies and procedures will have a red icon or tab. If you are looking for a procedure and the icons are another colour, you are in the wrong section.

Quick links

The home page contains links to commonly accessed pages. 

Mobile friendly

The manual operates on mobile devices the same as on a desktop computer. To access the left navigation on a mobile device, click on the menu in the top dark blue bar.


The manual is accessible on the internet. However, forms used by child protection practitioners and some internal departmental policies are only accessible to departmental staff on the Child Protection Manual SharePoint site.


If you have a question about a child protection procedure, ask your supervisor. 

If you are having technical difficulties using the manual, use Contact us to seek assistance, or send an email to We will respond as quickly as possible.


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