Information sharing policy

Follow this policy when sharing information related to child protection clients.
Document ID number 1900, version 1, 27 September 2018.


The appropriate sharing of information is integral to effective child protection practice, and is provided for in Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 and in other relevant legislation.

Child protection practitioners and managers are required to understand:

  • their responsibilities in relation to information sharing and privacy
  • the various circumstances in which sharing information is required, permitted, restricted or prohibited
  • the basis for decisions they make regarding information sharing and privacy

Skill in handling information appropriately is also required.


When sharing information in the course of carrying out responsibilities under the Children, Youth and Families Act (CYFA) the best interests of the child must always be paramount.

Child Protection shares information as permitted or required in law to facilitate:

  • the identification of risks to children, and their needs
  • early, effective intervention and well-coordinated service provision to promote the safety and wellbeing of children, and their development and care
  • the effective assessment and management of family violence risk.

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