CMS Portal

CMS Portal

The CMS portal is the new process for Child Protection staff to electronically lodge, view and manage all Children's Court applications and documents.

The Children's Court of Victoria is implementing an online CMS in response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence to improve information sharing across key government organisations such as the Courts, Child Protection, Victoria Police and Corrections. This is to help keep victim survivors safe, to reduce the risk of further harm and to keep perpetrators ‘in view’ and accountable. The CMS will be accompanied by an e-portal for exchanging documents and information between Child Protection and the Children's Court of Victoria. It will replace all current methods by which the Court receives information.    

The new CMS Portal will provide a secure, self-service online portal and modernise how Child Protection engages with the Children's Court. It will provide users with the ability to:

  • File applications, reports, and documents
  • Access case information, including hearing details
  • Draft and submit proposed minutes of consent orders  
  • Schedule hearing dates
  • Obtain authorised court orders 

See CMS Portal - procedure and CMS Portal - advice for more information and tasks that must be undertaken when using the CMS Portal. 

See CMS Portal Homepage to log in to the CMS Portal and CMS Help Centre for assistance using the CMS Portal. 

For case access queries and support, please contact Child Protection CMS Portal Organisation Administrators: