Possible contact to AHCPES

Follow this procedure when advising the AHCPES of a possible contact with a client.
Document ID number 1605, version 1, 30 June 2018.


There may be occasions when a child protection practitioner suspects AHCPES may have contact with a client out of normal business hours.

For additional information see Possible contact to AHCPES - advice.


Case practitioner tasks

  • Record a possible contact on CRIS when you believe there is a possibility of a crisis involving a client after hours.
  • Record a new possible contact on each occasion that case circumstances change.
  • Provide relevant comprehensive information in the after hours possible contact. Critical information includes:
    • the reason for the possible contact
    • all relevant contact details
    • detailed information about the specific concerns for the child
    • the duration of the possible contact and accompanying plan
    • a list of relevant case notes or other documents such as, court reports, case management plans
    • possible placement options if required
    • whether a secure welfare service admission is recommended and if so, approval from area management.
  • Consult your supervisor if you want AHCPES to undertake tasks in relation to a crisis or urgent situation.

Supervisor or team manager tasks

  • Request a transfer to AHCPES to undertake tasks in relation to a crisis or urgent situation.

After Hours Child Protection Emergency Service tasks

  • Consider and prioritise requests for tasks to be undertaken.
  • CRIS will generate an automated email alerting the division to any AHCPES contact with a current client on the morning of the next working day.  Where urgent follow-up is required by the divisional office, contact the practitioner or team manager.