Community Education


    This presentation will assist the delivery of community education on child protection to organisations and professionals in the community. The aim of the presentation is to provide information to participants on how they can promote children’s wellbeing and protect their safety.

    A facilitators guide has been prepared to sit alongside the presentation to equip child protection operations or other interested organisations to deliver community education on how to promote children’s wellbeing and protect their safety. The learning outcomes of the presentation include:

    • understanding their moral and legal obligations to report and
    • other reasonable steps to discharge the duty of care owed to children or young people
    • identifying the indicators that a child or young person has been, is being, or is at risk of being abused
    • knowing the appropriate service to contact about a child or young person for whom you hold concerns.

    The presentation provides participants with the information they need to meet their duty of care to children and young people. The presentation can be adjusted according to the audience, the purpose and the time available to deliver the presentation. The facilitators guide has a matrix in Attachment 1 to assist with determining the content of the PowerPoint presentation according to the time allocated, purpose of the session and audience.

    When to report to Child Protection - presentation

    Reporting to Child Protection - facilitators guide