Transport between court and a secure welfare service

Follow this procedure when a child placed in a secure welfare service (SWS) needs to attend court and use the SWS room at court.
Document ID number 1113, version 2, 1 March 2016.


Case practitioner tasks

  • Supervise and transport the young person to court and to the secure welfare service if it is safe to do so and no flight risk is identified.  If not, use the secure welfare services transport service (available in metropolitan areas only).  See Secure welfare services transport – advice.
  • Liaise with the secure welfare transport service to safely transport and supervise the young person in court and between court and the secure welfare service.
  • Assist with supervision and transport of the young person. At least one case practitioner is required to assist.

Do not leave the young person unattended at any time while in the secure welfare room or at court. The child protection practitioner and secure welfare transport service (SWST) staff member are responsible for supervising the young person at all times. When it is necessary for the child protection practitioner to negotiate with other parties in relation to the young person, the SWST staff member must remain with the young person.

  • Supervise the young person in court, with assistance from the secure welfare transport service.
  • Contact the CPLO and court security as required.
  • Seek police assistance if there is a risk that the young person may attempt to abscond, or if there are worker safety issues. Reasonable notice must be provided to the police. Contact SOCIT or a local police station if SOCIT is unavailable.

Use of the secure welfare room at Court

  • Contact the Court and advise you will be using the secure welfare room at the Court as the young person is currently placed in secure welfare services.
  • Contact the police custody area on 03 8601 6770 for access to the loading bay through the middle roller door via Lonsdale Lane.
  • Contact court security on 03 8601 6727 for an escort from the secure welfare loading bay to the secure welfare room.
  • Court security will provide child protection staff with keys to the secure welfare room. Secure welfare transport service staff have their own keys to the room.
  • Court security will advise the court coordinator on extension 703 that the secure welfare facility is in use.
  • Staff can contact court security on extension 778 (03 8601 6778 if ringing externally) for assistance.
  • A duress alarm is located near the door if emergency assistance is needed.
  • The court coordinator will notify court security to arrange an escort for the child to the court hearing at the appropriate time.

Secure welfare transport service staff tasks

  • Support child protection practitioners to undertake the safe transport of young people between court and the secure welfare service.
  • Assist child protection practitioners to monitor and supervise young people in the Court.
  • Take the lead role in managing young people displaying challenging behaviour.
  • Liaise with child protection practitioners and the Court on safe client management.