Outreach kit checklist

This is a checklist of useful documents and resources for a child protection practitioner’s outreach kit.
Document ID number 2955, version 3, 13 June 2018.


  • Departmental identification card
  • Information brochures for parents and children on child protection, privacy, review of decisions, court processes, and identifying Aboriginal children
  • Release of information forms
  • Legal documentation, such as protection applications, possible conditions
  • Contact numbers for key professionals, including police, medical practitioners. community service organisations, emergency placement agencies, hospitals
  • Information about services, for parents, caregivers or children
  • SIDS information (Provision of SIDS information and sighting sleeping arrangements for children under two years of age is mandatory)
  • Mobile phone, direct and after hours numbers for supervisors or other practitioners, and After Hours Child Protection Emergency Service number
  • Smart phones or camera for photos in serious neglect cases, if required