Placement coordination unit

This service description provides information regarding the functions of the placement coordination unit (PCU).
Document ID number 2724, version 2, 16 January 2020.


Divisional PCUs use information provided by the child protection practitioner on a placement referral form to match children requiring placement, in agency provided home-based or residential care, with available placements. Any child aged 0-17 years referred to the PCU must be a client of child protection.

Practice issues

When child protection needs to place a child in agency provided out-of-home care the PCU will coordinate this process. Each division’s PCU will have its own local operational procedures. Practitioners may contact the PCU in their division or their supervisor for information about their PCU processes.

Considerations for good practice

Early notice to the PCU of the possible need for a placement will assist in the most suitable one being located within the time available.

When a child is to be placed in out-of-home care it is important that:

  • The child understands the reason for placement
  • The parents are provided with as much detail about the placement as appropriate.