Completing an Australian passport child application form

Prior to lodging a passport application for a child for whom the Secretary has parental responsibility ensure you have followed the steps outlined in Passports and have supplied all the documentation listed below. 

Printed version can be found at: Completing an Australian passport child application form - document checklist.doc (doc, 56 KB)



Check when complete


Child passport application form


Form B-10



Child’s birth certificate


Current passport (if one is held)


Change of name certificate (if applicable)


Proof of citizenship *  


Colour photographs signed by appropriate guarantor


Court order:

Original court order


Record of interstate transfer (if applicable)


Additional documentation:

Letter requesting return of original documentation



* See page two of the Child passport application form for documents required. If these cannot be obtained, a separate application must be made to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for evidence of citizenship. Further information is contained in Passports.

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