Investigation planning checklist

Use this checklist when planning an investigation.
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Investigation plan complete and endorsed by supervisor

All investigation plans must be endorsed prior to commencing investigation


First Visit

Announced visit to parent

Child to be seen at home

Parental permission prior to seeing child

For information related to interviewing a child at an education facility prior to obtaining parental consent see advice Interviewing without parental permission and Education and early childhood protocol.

Does the investigation plan adequately address the issues identified in the report regarding each child included in the report with reference to their safety and development?

Outreach kit checked and complete

Worker safety issues identified, and alert placed on CRIS

Worker safety issues effectively addressed for FHV


Client characteristics

Child under two years of age

See procedure Infant risk assessment and response decision for tasks that must be undertaken

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

See Identifying Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children - procedure. See VACCA protocol

Disability (child or parent)

See Case management: NDIS and children with a disability and/or complex medical needs - procedure

High risk youth

See procedure High-risk youth for tasks that must be undertaken

Interpreter required (non-English language or hearing-impaired child or family member)


Nature of reported concerns

Physical or sexual abuse or serious neglect (refer police protocol)

See Police protocol.

Visual examination/body check required?

If yes, see First visit procedure and Conducting the first visit advice for further information about what is required.

Joint visit with police

See advice Joint visits with police.

Children in contact with sex offenders report See advice Children in contact with sex offenders.

Serious mental health issues (child or parent)

Drug and/or alcohol abuse (child or parent) (refer protocol) Is a drug screen required

See Drug treatment services protocol.

Violence in the home

See Assessing and managing family violence during investigation

Serious family violence risk factors identified in the essential information categories

Placement in out of home care likely

Addressed in Investigation plan, including contingency arrangements

Other agencies

Relevant agencies (including interstate child protection authorities) have been contacted or are addressed in Investigation Plan.