Family violence training

Family violence training is available for all Victorian Child Protection Practitioners, as well as specialist staff from Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

This work is in response to Recommendation 29 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which requires child protection practitioners to participate in training and professional development about the nature and dynamics of family violence and the department’s practice guidelines dealing with family violence.

Family violence training is compulsory for the whole child protection workforce.

Preparation for family violence training

The Office of Professional Practice (OPP) has developed a suite of resources to support the child protection workforce in preparing for family violence training.

Child protection practitioners can now access the 30-minute online introductory e-Learn module in preparation for their participation in the face to face family violence training. Simply log in and search for Recommendation 29 to access the e-Learning module.

Completion of the introductory e-Learning module is compulsory for all child protection practitioners.    

Staff can also complete the pre-training survey prior to undertaking the online or face to face training. This survey will collect information to help OPP to tailor the training to meet the needs of the CP workforce.

A webinar has also been developed to provide additional information and context for the training. This can be accessed by registering here.

Face to face training

Child protection practitioners can register now for comprehensive training to help improve their understanding of family violence, and learn contemporary assessment and management strategies. 

For face to face training dates and to register please visit DHHS Employee Self Service and search for ‘Recommendation 29’ in the training centre. Staff should register for each individual day of training, ensuring training is completed in sequence.

Further information

For more information please visit the DHHS intranet or email