This advice provides information regarding Risk Assessment and Management Panels, Child Protection’s role as a core member and managing cases that have been referred to a RAMP.

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A Risk Assessment and Management Panel (RAMP) is a formally convened meeting, held at an area level, of nine key agencies and organisations that contribute to the safety of children and women experiencing serious and imminent threat from family violence.

Each RAMP is jointly chaired by a senior staff member of Victoria Police and a senior manager from a specialist family violence agency.  Child Protection is a core member of RAMPs and is required to attend all meetings, even those where children have not been identified prior to the meeting.

See Victorian Risk Assessment and Management Panel Program guidelines located on The Lookout website for details relating to RAMP procedures and processes.

RAMPs and Child Protection

The aim of Risk Assessment and Management Panels (RAMPs) is to improve collaborative responses and information sharing across key agencies in order to minimise or prevent serious threats to the life, safety and welfare of children and women as a result of family violence.

RAMPs are convened regularly (usually monthly) to:

  • comprehensively assess the safety of individual women and children experiencing a serious and imminent threat from family violence, and
  • to develop coordinated action plans across participating agencies to minimise or prevent serious and imminent threat to an individual’s life, health, safety or welfare.


Referring cases to a RAMP

A RAMP referral is typically made by women’s specialist family violence agencies and Victoria Police but can be made by Child Protection or another service. A referral is appropriate when it is considered that the development of a coordinated multi-agency plan, in addition to the ‘usual’ service system response, is essential to keep child and women (including unborn children) safe and avert the threat posed by the perpetrator.

Child protection may make a referral to RAMP by contacting the local specialist family violence agency or The Orange Door. A discussion with the co-located specialist violence worker or the Child Protection RAMP representative may assist practitioners in consider if a referral is appropriate.

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