Cultural planning for Aboriginal children - new model

A new model of cultural planning has been implemented requiring the development of a cultural plan to be commenced within the first two weeks of an Aboriginal child being placed in out-of-home care.  The model assumes that everyone has a role in cultural planning and that Aboriginal people are best placed to provide cultural knowledge and inform decision making for Aboriginal children.

The child’s cultural plan includes various elements to promote, maintain and enhance the child’s connection to their County and culture while they are in out-of-home care.

To support the implementation of the new model a new procedure Cultural plans has been developed, detailing the tasks required to develop, review and endorse the cultural plan.  The cultural plan - advice has been updated to reflect the new model processes.

There is also a new section Cultural planning for Aboriginal children in specialist resources, which includes:

  • Cultural plan templates
  • Cultural plan tracker
  • Cultural plan activity log
  • Cultural plan timelines flowchart

For further details on the new model, see Cultural planning – the new model, power point presentation, which is also located in Cultural planning for Aboriginal children - specialist resources.