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About us

The child protection manual contains the requirements for statutory child protection practice in Victoria.

The manual provides essential procedural guidance for:

  • child protection practitioners and managers
  • community service organisation staff providing case management and
  • out-of-home care services and carers.

The child protection manual brings together current research and knowledge. It separates procedural requirements from practice guidance, information resources, tools, protocols and service descriptions.

Instrument of delegation and revocation

This document sets out the delegations for departmental officers under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005.

Divisional workload management monitoring and review panels

This document outlines the purpose and functions of divisional child protection workload management monitoring and review panels.

Supervision and principles of work allocation

This document outlines the purpose of supervision and the principles of work allocation for child protection practitioners.

Staff safety in the workplace

This document is a resource to assist staff at all levels to work safely while providing an effective service to clients. It is a tool to help prevent occupational violence

Workload issues resolution process

This is a guide to resolving disagreements about workload.

Leading practice - frontline and middle managers

This is a guide for supervisors and leaders in child protection that supports supervising direct practice, implementing reform and delivering good outcomes for children.