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Forced marriage - advice

This advice provides information regarding forced marriage. See related forced marriage – procedure, Receiving, registering and classifying a report and the Intake policy for further information and tasks that must be undertaken when receiving a report, including a report alleging a child or young person is at risk of forced marriage.
Document ID number 2413, version 2, 22 November 2017.

Forced marriage - community pack

This section provides a link to the community pack on forced marriage prepared by the Commonwealth Government.

Children in immigration detention - advice

This advice provides information on working with children and families who are subject to immigration detention.

Document ID number 2412, version 3, 23 March 2017.

See Children in immigration detention - procedure for tasks that must be undertaken.

Children in immigration detention

Follow this procedure when working with children subject to immigration detention. This procedure applies to both children held in an immigration detention facility and children in immigration detention subject to a residence determination (community detention).
Document ID number 1609, version 2, 23 March 2017

Identifying Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children

Identifying Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children who are involved with child protection in Victoria is a practice requirement.  The information sheet informs families why and how children and families are asked to identify their cultural identity.

The information sheet for child protection practitioners has now been reformatted into the below procedure and advice.

Direction to parents to resume parental responsibility

This flowchart is an overview of the process when directing parents to resume parental responsibility.

Change in nature of order

The change in nature of order forms can be found on the human services intranet (DHHS staff access only).

  • Cover letter - change in nature of order - child
  • Cover letter - change in nature of order - parent
  • Cover letter - change in nature of order - court
  • Direction to resume parental responsibility

Directing a parent to resume full parental responsibility

Follow this procedure when a case planning decision has been made that it will soon be appropriate to reunify a child in out-of-home care under a family reunification order or care by Secretary order.

Counting time in out-of-home care

From 1 March 2016, the amount of time a child spends in court ordered out-of-home care matters, so it is essential it is counted accurately, using a consistent approach. A calculator has been developed to assist practitioners with this task.
The calculator (excel file), instructions on how to use the calculator and other supporting documentation is located on the departmental intranet - Permanency for children implementation page.