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Fact sheet for child protection practitioners

This fact sheet provides an overview of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the role of child protection practitioners in relation to the NDIS.

Please note that this fact is located on the Department of Health and Human Services' intranet and is only accessible to departmental employees.

Emergency care - Buddy Bags for children

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation provides Buddy Bags (backpacks) for children placed in emergency care.  The bags are full of basic, essential items and are designed to be given to children on arrival in emergency care.

Each bag includes personal items such as toothbrush, hairbrush, pyjamas, socks, underwear, pillowcase, face washer, a book, photo frames and a teddy bear.  All bags are age and gender specific and are labelled accordingly. The initial delivery includes 30-40 bags (3-4 for each age group and gender).

Drug screen collection sites for child protection

This section provides the current collection site locations available for parents to attend to complete a drug screen.

Forced marriage - advice

This advice provides information regarding forced marriage. See related forced marriage – procedure, Receiving, registering and classifying a report and the Intake policy for further information and tasks that must be undertaken when receiving a report, including a report alleging a child or young person is at risk of forced marriage.
Document ID number 2413, version 2, 22 November 2017.

Forced marriage - community pack

This section provides a link to the community pack on forced marriage prepared by the Commonwealth Government.

Children in immigration detention - advice

This advice provides information on working with children and families who are subject to immigration detention.

Document ID number 2412, version 3, 23 March 2017.

See Children in immigration detention - procedure for tasks that must be undertaken.

Children in immigration detention

Follow this procedure when working with children subject to immigration detention. This procedure applies to both children held in an immigration detention facility and children in immigration detention subject to a residence determination (community detention).
Document ID number 1609, version 2, 23 March 2017