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Managing therapeutic treatment orders

Follow this procedure when managing a therapeutic treatment order (TTO) or both a TTO and a therapeutic treatment placement order (TTPO).

FLDM/AFLDM referral form

Child protection practitioner referral form for a Family-led decision making meeting or an Aboriginal family-led decision making meeting. This form is located in the Child Protection forms page on the department's intranet, which can only be accessed by departmental staff.

Family Drug Treatment Court - procedure

Follow this procedure when working with a family who are participating in the Family Drug Treatment Court.
Document ID number, version 1, 2 March 2017.

Family Drug Treatment Court - advice

This advice provides additional information regarding the Family Drug Treatment Court (FDTC).
The Family Drug Treatment Court is currently only accepting children from the North Division of child protection (Preston office).
Document ID number 2234, version 2, 9 August 2017.

Drug screens - information sheet for parents

This information sheet provides an explanation of drug screens to parents.

Requesting a drug screen

Follow this procedure when referring a parent to complete a drug screen.
Document ID number 1704, version 3, 9 December 2017.
See Drug screens – advice for further information.

Children at risk learning portal

This section provides an external link to the Children at risk learning portal developed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
This portal provides information, guidance and online training on a range of topics relating to the early identification and management of vulnerable children at risk of child abuse and neglect. Although this portal is specifically designed for health professionals, it is a good resource for child protection practitioners regarding health and vulnerable children.

Applying for a birth certificate - procedure

Follow this procedure when determining if a child has a birth certificate, supporting a parent to obtain a birth certificate for their child, or applying for a birth certificate on behalf of a child in out-of-home care.
See Birth certificates - advice for further information.

Birth certificates - advice

This advice provides additional information about birth certificates for child protection clients.

My Health Record and child protection

This advice provides information on the My Health Record system, previously known as the personally controlled electronic health record system or eHealth, and how this relates to clients of child protection.

Document ID number 2430, version 1, published 25 August 2017.