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Intensive Bail

Follow this procedure when you are the allocated practitioner, or were the allocated practitioner and the case has been closed for less than one month, when a child is subject to intensive bail.

Note: if the case is closed, the practitioner tasks do not extend past the provision of information.

Document ID number 1613, version 1, 4 June 2018.

Youth control orders planning meetings

Follow this procedure when you are the allocated practitioner when a child is subject to a youth control order planning meeting.

Document ID number 1614, version 1, 4 June 2018.

Family violence training

Family violence training is available for all Victorian Child Protection Practitioners, as well as specialist staff from Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

This work is in response to Recommendation 29 of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which requires child protection practitioners to participate in training and professional development about the nature and dynamics of family violence and the department’s practice guidelines dealing with family violence.

Family violence training is compulsory for the whole child protection workforce.

Victorian Protecting Children Awards

Nominations are open for the 2018 Victorian Protecting Children Awards, an opportunity to award dedicated individuals and teams who work to improve the lives of Victoria’s most vulnerable children and young people.

This year, three new categories have been added to recognise the excellent work of child protection practitioners, including the ‘Rising Star Award’ ‘Emerging Leader in Child Protection’ award and the ‘Best New Talent’ award.

Female genital mutilation - procedure

Follow this procedure when: a report has been received on female genital mutilation; investigating reports of female genital mutilation, or female genital mutilation is identified as a protective concern during the course of child protection intervention.
Document ID number 1611, version 2, published 30 June 2018.

Female genital mutilation - advice

This advice provides information regarding female genital mutilation.
Document ID number 2415, version 1, 4 May 2018.
See the female genital mutilation procedure, Intake Policy and Receiving, registering and classifying a report procedure for further information and tasks that must be undertaken when receiving a report, including a report alleging a child or young person is at risk of female genital mutilation.

Calling for good practice stories

Renewing its commitment to recognising good practice, the Office of Professional Practice will be presenting the good practice stories of 2018 in video format. 
Submission guidelines and an optional template can be found at http://providers.dhhs.vic.gov.au/good-practice-bulletin

Family reunification orders and an alcohol or drug treatment condition for parents

Follow this procedure when a family reunification order is sought that includes a condition for parental alcohol or drug (AOD) treatment.
Document ID number 1229, version 1, 19 April 2018.

Principles for outposted child protection practitioners

This document outlines the principles relating to the role and supervision of outposted child protection practitioners.