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Compulsory disclosure

Follow this procedure when considering or seeking a compulsory disclosure direction to compel an information holder to disclose information to child protection.

Document ID number 1901, version 1, 27 September 2018.

Information sharing policy

Follow this policy when sharing information related to child protection clients.

Document ID number 1900, version 1, 27 September 2018.

Information for carers re standard authorisation

This information sheet provides foster and prospective permanent carers details on the standard instrument of authorisation.
2925.7 Info for carers re standard authorisation .pdf

Health care consent for children in out-of-home care

This sheet provides information for health care providers about who can provide consent to health care and treatment for a child in out-of-home care. 

2939.3 Health care consent for children in OOHC, info for health care providers V1.doc


Practice leader case planning: Implementation and guidance 2018

This guidance supports the practice leader case planning position, which was created to support implementation and compliance with the case planning legislation requirements and related policies, noting the criticality of planning in achieving timely intervention for children and avoiding case drift.  

 3145 PLCP Implementation and guidance 2018.docx

Certain Category B and C offences for consideration in approving after hours kinship care placements

This fact sheet lists certain Category B or C disclosable offences is for use by the Manger or on-call Manager Central After Hours Services to assist in determination to approve a kinship care placement after hours.

Strengthening staff wellbeing and mental health

The first phase of a new program to strengthen our psychological supports for child protection staff has been launched.
The program has a number of elements and is a key initiative of the Child protection workforce strategy 2017-2020. The strategy confirms the importance of health and wellbeing as a key part of an effective workforce and commits the department to prioritising the care of our staff.


This advice provides information regarding immunisations.
Document ID number 2431, version 1, 2 August 2018.