Forensicare referrals for assessment of family violence or sexual offending

Forensicare is a Victorian adult mental health assessment and treatment service. Child protection has a contract with Forensicare to undertake forensic assessments of convicted and alleged sex offenders and perpetrators of family violence.

The purpose of a Forensicare assessment is:

  • to help determine the level of risk a perpetrator or suspected perpetrator (client) presents to a current partner and child and the likely impact of this behaviour on the partner and child
  • to help determine the extent to which the perpetrator or suspected perpetrator (client) should have contact with his or her current or ex-partner and child in question and under what circumstances.

The target group for Forensicare assessments are high risk cases in which the perpetrator or alleged perpetrator is believed to represent a significant and/or imminent risk of harm to the partner and child.

The below referral forms and supporting information can be found on the human services intranet (DHHS staff access only).

  • referral letter (for either family violence or sexual offending)
  • client consent for release of information
  • partner consent form for assessment
  • Forensicare: sex offender assessments - information for child protection practitioners
  • Forensicare: family violence assessments - information for child protection practitioners
  • child protection Forensicare referral - information for clients.